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Dr. Garry Pow. Vancouver ChiropractorMeet Dr. Garry Pow

Becoming a Chiropractor

Hi, I am Dr. Garry Pow! I first saw a chiropractor while recovering from a back surgery I had after an unfortunate hockey injury. The improvement I felt from being adjusted, not only in regards to post surgery healing but also in my daily life, had a huge impact on me although I wasn’t yet convinced that I should consider chiropractic as a profession. It wasn’t until several years later, after I’d finished a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology at SFU in Canada and had become an athletic trainer, that I made the decision to persue a career in Chiropractic. I felt such passion for helping people discover the benefits of what chiropractic care could do for them, too.

I graduated from Western States Chiropractic College (WSCC)  in 1996 and opened a practice in Vancouver, WA. I spent years training students in chiropractic techniques and patient care in the public clinic at WSCC. I also welcomed students into the clinic to intern, the last of whom was my son Connor Pow.  I’m so excited to be partnering with him to improve the health and function of our community through chiropractic care.

What Motivates Me?

“I want to motivate people to understand how important their lifestyle is to their health – before they lose it! Even after they’ve lost it, I’m ready to help them get it back,” says Dr. Pow. “I work to help people see that making positive lifestyle changes can make a huge difference in their wellness and overall health.”

Seeing my patients make these positive choices and changes is the most satisfying part of my job.”


A Healthy, Active Life

I believe modeling a healthy lifestyle is necessary for overall wellness. Some of my favorite things to do outside of the office include hiking with my family, traveling, golf, and taking wine tours; There should always be time for play, as long as everything is in moderation! Our family focuses on eating well in addition to being active. When my boys were younger their friends would question why we didn’t devour cereal and pastas all the time. We believe our lifestyle has proven to be successful and are proud to have raised up an engineer, a medical doctor, and a chiropractor!

Meet Dr. Connor Pow

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Hello, my name is Connor Pow. I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. I had the unique opportunity of growing up in a household with a chiropractor, where I was introduced to the amazing benefits of regular adjustments at a young age.

Seeing regular chiropractic care increase the quality of life in so many people around me created a desire to contribute my time and energy toward this healing practice. I have also personally loved the way I felt, and functioned, after being adjusted and hope to extend that feeling to everyone I can. I graduated from the University of Western States Doctorate of Chiropractic program in 2022.

What Motivates Me?

“…..stay tuned for Connor’s reply to this question.”

Seeing my patients_________ is the most satisfying part of my job.”


A Healthy, Active Life

I love traveling! I have had the opportunity to visit various places including: Canada, Mexico, Scotland, and several other locations around Europe.  I enjoy listing to music of all genres and have recently begun the process of learning how to play the piano keyboard.


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