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Dr. Garry Pow. Vancouver ChiropractorMeet Dr. Garry Pow

On Becoming a Chiropractor

Dr. Pow first saw a chiropractor while he was recovering from back surgery he’d had in response to a hockey injury. The improvement he saw made an impact on him, but he wasn’t yet convinced he should consider chiropractic as a profession.

It was several years later, after he’d finished a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology at SFU in Canada and had become an athletic trainer, that he made the decision.

Dr. Pow graduated from Western States Chiropractic College (WSCC) in 1996, opened a practice in Vancouver, and trained students in chiropractic techniques and patient care in the public clinic at WSCC.

What Motivates Me?

“I want to motivate people to understand how important their lifestyle is to their health – before they lose it! Even after they’ve lost it, I’m ready to help them get it back,” says Dr. Pow. “I work to help people see that making positive lifestyle changes can make a huge difference in their wellness and overall health.”

Seeing my patients make these positive choices and changes is the most satisfying part of my job.”


A Healthy, Active Life

Dr. Pow and his wife and three boys lead an active life. “I enjoy hiking, golf, and taking wine tours,” says Dr. Pow.

“Our family focuses on eating well,” he tells us. “Over the years the boys’ friends have thought it odd we don’t devour cereal and pasta.” But most would say the family’s diet has been proven a success – on it Dr. Pow and his wife have raised up an engineer, a medical doctor, and a chiropractor!

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