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What Our Vancouver Patients Say

At Summit Chiropractic & Massage we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Everyone Was Very Nice!

Everything was explained plainly for me to understand and I have high hopes for my care here everyone was very nice.

– Loretta

Dr Pow is Great

Enjoyed my first visit with Dr. Pow and I have scheduled my treatment plan already.

– Nichole

Great Visit!!

Doctors Connor and Gary Pow, along with the front desk staff Marianna, were amazing!! This was my first time at a chiropractor and they listened to all my concerns, addressed all my pain areas and made all the necessary adjustments needed for me to feel better! I felt better almost immediately after my adjustment and even feel like I can breathe a lot better! They have high tech equipment for diagnosis of pain areas and also amazing massage devices for treatment of targeted areas! I would definitely come back and would highly recommend Dr. Pow to everyone!

– Loria

Pain Relief After Just One Visit

I was apprehensive about chiropractic care in the beginning. But I’m a true believer now. I was in a lot of pain and was amazed the pain was alleviated on my first visit.

– Diane

I Finally Found a Great Health Care Team!

I finally found a great health care team….Every staff member is helpful & caring. Shelly, the massage therapist, does some awesome deep tissue work, which is exactly what is needed for my particular back “condition.”

Dr. Pow is the perfect chiropractor for me. He offers a more gentle, non-aggressive approach to
treatment. My body responds to coaxing, not the “no pain, no gain” mentality. I would say this is most definitively a perfect match!

– Louise

Very Informative and Professional

I’ve been coming to Summit Chiropractic & Massage off and on since 2009. I’ve had a lot of sports injuries and stay fairly active. Garry is by far the best chiropractor in town! He is very informative and professional. As he goes thru adjustments, he’ll tell you the areas that need to be worked on. The front desk is also great! Adrienne is always good at following up with appointments and everyone there is super friendly and always a great smile on their faces!

– Misty

Amazing Atmosphere

This atmosphere is amazing! The office and massage staff are very kind, the location is easy to get to, and Dr.Pow is extremely knowledgeable. What a fantastic find! I encourage anyone who is dealing with chronic pain, or just need to maintain spinal health to go in!

– Marlena

Looking Forward to More Treatments

I really like the staff and atmosphere of the clinic. I have never been to a chiropractor before and was a bit scared. But Gary and the front desk staff helped me feel comfortable even on the first visit.

– Misty

A Normal Pain-Free Life

Adrienne is the most wonderful receptionist! Love her smile! She is very knowledgeable about the payment plans. Thanks again Dr. Pow, for easing my back pain and getting me back to a normal pain-free life.

– Leanne

Looking Forward to More Treatments

The staff was professional yet very kind, caring and friendly. I was very happy with Dr. Pows explanation of his findings on my back pain, and I am looking forward to further treatments at his office. I feel very fortunate that my friend Sue who referred me to him steered me in Summit Chiropractic & Massages direction.

– Renee

Better Mobility

I have been a patient of Dr. Pow’s for 5 years. I began chiropractic care due to severe back pain that limited my mobility. After consistent chiropractic care I have better posture, no more pain and I have better mobility. I can actually turn my head to look at traffic behind me, instead of turning my whole body! Chiropractic care has resulted in less pain and more movement!

– Cindy

Friendly Staff

I have been a patient with Dr. Pow for 1 year and I originally started chiropractic care because my knee’s and lower back were bothering me. After a short amount of care I felt much better, no more discomfort!! I really appreciate the friendly staff and service at Summit Chiropractic, I recommend them to everyone!

– Claudia

More Energy, More Active

I have been a patient with Summit Chiropractic for six months. I originally began chiropractic care because of severe pain in my left foot and whiplash. I can now walk consistently without pain. I am on my feet constantly working very long hours. With getting regular adjustments I now have more energy and feel more active. Dr. Pow and staff are wonderful, helpful and efficient.

– Lisa

Migraine Relief

I have been a patient with Summit Chiropractic for 4 years. I began chiropractic care because of debilitating migraines. My daily migraines are virtually gone since I began treatment with Dr. Pow. I have only had three or four headaches in the four years that I have been under Dr. Pow’s care. I used to have to lay around and wait for my headaches to go away, now I get out more, and have become more active as a direct result of the care I received at Summit Chiropractic. A big thanks to Dr. Pow and his staff!!

– Matt

Wonderful Care

I have been a patient with Dr. Pow for over 10 years. I began chiropractic care because of lower back and neck problems. I am able to move easily, walk straight, no more hunching over for me! Dr. Pow is a wonderful chiropractor, I have recommended Summit Chiropractic to all my friend’s and co-workers!!

– Evette

Feel Amazing

I have been a patient with Summit Chiropractic for 6 years. I began care because of scoliosis and problems in my lower back. I am now able to lead a normal life and keep up with my little one who is getting SO big! Thanks to Dr. Pow I have a better understanding of how to take care of my body, with regular chiropractic care, and leading a healthy lifestyle, I feel amazing!”

– Jenie

Natural Pain Relief

I have been a patient with Dr. Pow for 8 years. I began treatment with Dr. Pow after injuries sustained in an auto accident. After consistent chiropractic care, I have less pain, fewer headaches and all in all I am in better health. I can make it through the day without medication for pain and thanks to Dr. Pow I know what causes my pain, and how to deal with it naturally rather than taking medications. Dr. Pow and his staff are amazing!

– Wendy

Less Stressed

I have been a patient with Dr. Pow for over 7 years. I began receiving care because of neck and back pain that limited my mobility and quality of life. After the initial corrective care I feel like my body is back in line, as well as my mental state of mind, I feel in balance. There is no better place!! I am less stressed with life in general. Continued chiropractic care has helped me take better care of myself physically as well as mentally. I appreciate this office so much, Dr. Pow and staff are always accommodating my needs. Dr. Pow is a true health care provider!!

– Camille

Move More Freely

I have been a patient with Dr. Pow for 7 years. I began chiropractic care because of back pain. After consistent chiropractic care I have less back pain and more movement. I am able to move my back more freely.

– Tammy

Enjoying Life

I have been a patient with Dr. Pow for 8 weeks. I sought care for neck and back pain. After receiving care 95% of my back pain is gone and 100% of my neck pain is gone. I feel a lot better and I can enjoy my life in general pain free! I wish I had done this years ago !!

– Linda

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