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Summit Chiropractic & Massage FAQs

Do you take insurance?

Question marksWe will work with your insurance benefits, including Health Savings Accounts and Flex Spending Accounts. While each policy is different, most companies do offer some type of benefit. Since 1996, Washington State law has required that private health insurance cover licensed chiropractors. More recently the Affordable Care Act (Jan. 1 2014) introduced non-discrimination language that will restrict health insurance companies from discriminating against any health care provider who is acting within their scope and state law. What this means is that if you can go to a conventional MD for back pain you may also be able to go to a chiropractor if you choose. Many have chiropractic benefits without even knowing it. We are preferred providers on many insurance plans. We will call to confirm what benefits and policy rules you have for your particular plan. We will report back to you exactly what we found so there will be no surprises. We will also process your insurance benefits for you and work with you on a financial plan that makes sense for your budget for any costs not covered. We strive to not let the financial cost of care impact your ability to receive the care that you need. Our goal is to help you to correct the cause of your pain.

Can I get adjusted when I am pregnant?

YES!! In fact pregnancy is one the most important times to get adjusted. Can you think of another time when your body goes through such dramatic changes? The stress and curves in your back increase as the baby grows and your body has to adapt to those changes. Adjustments help your body adapt, reducing the aches and pains you experience. But it is not just about pain relief! A very interesting study was done in New York that found that, for those under the care of a chiropractor during their pregnancy, first time moms spent on average 24% less time in labor and that increased to 39% less time in labor for those who had previous births. HOW MUCH IS THAT WORTH ?

Can someone get adjusted after having back surgery?

I love this question because this was my first question when I visited a chiropractor 30 years ago. I was having difficulty with my back recovering from a hockey related disc herniation surgery when a friend recommended going to see a chiropractor. At first I thought no way, I have had back surgery! I now know just how wrong this perception was. The tremendous results I got from that treatment lead me into chiropractic as a career. I now understand how that chiropractor helped me. With surgery scar tissue is inevitable. Scar tissue in muscles and joints can act like a pebble in a shoe. The more you walk on it the worse it gets. The scarring from the surgery had became a focal point of irritation every time I tried to move. Specific chiropractic adjustments over time broke up that scar tissue and reestablished proper movement in my back allowing me to regain my activities without pain. Of course different conditions & surgeries will require different approaches. We will do a thorough history and examination, gather details about your surgery and determine the safest and best way to proceed. If you have x-rays/MRI’s or other imaging please bring them with you or we can request them. The more information we have the better we can treat you.

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